Research project

Never Home Alone (NHoA), mitigating solitude at home with a Socially Assistive Robot

a global challenge

Helping elderly people to live independently and prevent loneliness and islotation


Populations are aging at fast rate in many regions such as most European countries and Japan. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of elder people living alone at home. Socially Assistive Robots (SAR) could assume new roles in health and social care to meet this higher demand.

A socially assistive robot (SAR) is the one designed to help and support persons with special health conditions or limitations, by developing a certain level of experience, connection, and engagement through a natural and affective patient-robot interaction.


The long-term vision of the Never Home Alone (NHoA) project is the development of a Socially Assistive Robot to help elderly people to live independently in their homes and prevent loneliness and isolation.